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Project Description

Yumi Yogurt

A self serve frozen yogurt store franchise concept, Yumi Yogurt has many location across California and Texas.

Churro & Yogurt

Churro & Yogurt, located in Bakersfield, CA serves churros you can custom fill with different flavors along with a wide selection of fresh yogurt made daily.

Dolce Yogurt

Dolce Yogurt, located in San Diego, CA sells soft serve yogurt with fresh fruit toppings, marvelous mountains of nuts, and any other choice of their many stupendous toppings. So stop by, make a visit, and walk away happy.

Kickin Kiwi

Kickin Kiwi is a frozen yogurt shop located in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is the first self-serve frozen yogurt shop in the Hamden, Conneticut. Serving frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors that rival ice cream along with tons of toppings to choose from.

Magic Cup Frozen Yogurt Shop

Located in San Marcos, just north of San Diego, CA, Magic Cup Frozen Yogurt serves up tasty frozen yogurt treats. A self service yogurt store concept, Magic Cup has both healthy and not so healthy toppings! Magic Cup recently opened it’s door on April 10, 2010 to raving fans and customers alike.

Sugar Plum Yogurt

Sugar Plum, located in Davis, CA is a frozen yogurt shop with a wide selection of toppings. Located in Davis’ University Mall, they have lots of tables inside to sit at and enjoy your yogurt with your friends. They have a wide variety of flavors, more than 10, including 8 tart flavors (including such flavors as lychee and taro). The topping selection is impressive, with many different cereals, fresh fruits, candies and even granola. Plenty of fresh fruits as well.

Yapple Yogurt

Yapple Yogurt is a self serve frozen yogurt store located in Wynnewood, PA.

Yodipity Yogurt

A self serve frozen yogurt store concept, the Yodipity Yogurt brand creates a healthy, fun and empowering retail experience for its customers, while maintaining an inviting, warm and family friendly environment. Customers are impressed to find ten yogurt flavors available and 75+ toppings including candies, nuts, syrups and fresh fruits. At Yodipity™ you “make it YO way” having fun through creative expression. Customers enjoy the fast and easy experience of self service, no longer restricted by long lines and disappointing predetermined portions found at regular frozen yogurt shops.

Yogurt Dream Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt Dream, located in Carlsbad, CA is a family friendly business that strives to deliver a delightful nutritious, healthy and delicious frozen yogurt. Nutritionally conscious, Yogurt Dream serve gluten-free yogurt and many fresh fruits as well.

Yogurt Puff

Yogurt Puff is a self serve frozen yogurt store located in Corona, CA.

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